St. Petersburg, 2004-05 (C) Seiji Yoshimoto
Dnepropetrovsk, 2004-06 (C) Yuzhnoye Design Office

St. Petersburg

2004-05 (C) Seiji Yoshimoto


2004-05 (C) Seiji Yoshimoto


2004-06 (C) Yuzhnoye Design Office
Yasny, 2006-07 (C) Seiji Yoshimoto


2006-07 (C) Seiji Yoshimoto
Baikonur, 2004-10 (C) Seiji Yoshimoto


2004-10 (C) Seiji Yoshimoto
Moscow, 2003-09 (C) Seiji Yoshimoto


2003-09 (C) Seiji Yoshimoto
Odessa, 2006-10 (C) Seiji Yoshimoto


2006-10 (C) Seiji Yoshimoto
Kamakura, 2004-06 (C) Sei Yoshimoto
Nikko, 2005-03 (C) Seiji Yoshimoto
Tokyo, 2006-05 (C) Seiji Yoshimoto
Yokohama, 2006-05 (C) Seiji Yoshimoto


2006-05 (C) Seiji Yoshimoto


2006-05 (C) Seiji Yoshimoto


2005-11 (C) Seiji Yoshimoto


2004-06 (C) Sei Yoshimoto


2005-03 (C) Seiji Yoshimoto
Eupatoria, (C) Seiji Yoshimoto


(C) Seiji Yoshimoto

Cultural activity

is one of important activities of NPO InterCoS.

Russia/Ukraine and Japan have own long histories and deep culture with beautiful art. They are very different from each other and very different from western ones. Knowing each culture helps us to understand each other and to make our cooperation fruitful and enjoyable.

As a space cooperation organization, NPO InterCoS is studying and introducing the culture of the areas where major space activities are underway such as Baikonur as well as well-known cultural centers like St. Petersburg and Kyoto. NPO InterCoS is promoting cultural exchanges and cooperation.

In order to appreciate beautiful culture and art, and to overcome language barriers, numerous high quality photographs are used in our homepage. Also visitors can jump into any different culture page by one click of the name of the area listed in the right top of the page.

The culture page would help as a travel guide of such areas as Baikonur and Dnepropetrovsk which are not introduced in ordinary travel guide.

This page is prepared by NPO InterCoS.
Other than noticed individually, NPO InterCoS has Copyright of this page.